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At our core, we're writers. Sometimes our words appear in our books. Or in humorous essays, editorials or memes. We lean to the left, erring on the side of human kindness, justice and decency. I.e., Human Kind Media.

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Musicians and videographers live here, too. And we have things to say as well. Check out our musical tribute to Stacey Abrams and a smackdown of Trump below it. More to come soon.


We're launching a line of snarky tee shirts, mugs, hoodies and other irrelevant but entertaining consumables. And a portion of all profits will go to worthy causes. Stay tuned.

Is Mom coming back, or will he run away? 

Boarding School Bastard is the critically-acclaimed memoir of a child’s life in a famous Philadelphia orphanage. Leavening tragedy with humor, it reveals a world we’d prefer to avoid, but is too riveting to ignore. To read more and download free chapters, click here.

We know a hero when we see one. 

Stacey Abrams is a force of nature. She turned the Senate blue, helping elect Warnock and Ossoff, and saved our country. The least we could do was to produce a music video to thank her.

Philadelphia ignored its responsibility to history. 

The city failed to designate world-famous Sigma Sound Studios’ building as an historic landmark. So, Alan Sharavsky wrote an editorial to draw attention to the lapse.

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