My rant in Medium: The GOP's "Winning" Strategy

When Republicans in the House are more willing to admonish a Cheney than a Q-Anon, you know the train is off the rails. The party of Lincoln and Eisenhower looks more like a party at the local Klan chapter. My assertion in an article I wrote for Medium months ago is coming to pass. Years of pandering to the radical right may have put Trump in office, but the numbers say the show is over. 

Famed Studio Building Deserved Historic Status

They were about to pave paradise and turn it into another apartment building. The place where David Bowie, John Lennon and Luther Vandross recorded. Where the Sound of Philly and disco soul were born. Where I produced dozens of jingles for the 76ers, McDonald’s and others. So, I had my say in an editorial I wrote for NewsWorks, a Philadelphia NPR online news magazine.