A deaf widow leaves her eight-year-old son, at an orphanage, hoping he’ll find a better life. She dreams Girard College, a boarding school for fatherless boys, will be his Camelot. What she doesn’t know is that child abuse, anti-Semitism, sexual assault, and bullying await him. Boarding School Bastard is my memoir of a frightening yet fascinating childhood in a historic orphanage. Leavening tragedy with humor and humanity, Boarding School Bastard reveals a world we’d prefer to avoid, but is too riveting to ignore. 


Sharavsky has dug deep for this gripping and emotional memoir, exposing a childhood sure to leave as big a mark on the reader as it did on the writer. Unforgettable."

Jon Clinch, Author of Finn, Marley and Kings of the Earth

Sharavsky's experiences, as depicted in this moving book, provide an important lens into the loneliness and fear felt by children who feel vulnerable and unprotected. Boarding School Bastard eloquently portrays the trauma experienced by victims and witnesses to child abuse."

Debra Schilling Wolfe, MEd, Exec. Dir. Univ. of Penn. Center for Children's Policy

Aspects are reminiscent of Oliver Twist, especially the deliberate cruelties inflicted by many of the adults. But Sharavsky's story is also a testament to the resilience of children who overcome painful events. Touching, and at times, humorous, this memoir will linger long in the reader's mind."

Nancy Christie, Author of Traveling Left of Center & Other Stories

Boarding School Bastard is a 'Me Too' manifesto from a male perspective. Writing in crisp prose, laced with humor, Sharavsky immerses a reader in the travails of childhood and adolescence. But his is not an ordinary coming of age story. It is a tale of bullying, abuse, violence, sex and drugs in which protagonist endures and emerges, a successful adult."

Annette Libeskind Berkovits, Author of In the Unlikeliest of Places and Confessions of an Accidental Zoo Curator

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